Bitless Bridle “Syringa” with Reins


  • Beautiful and classy bitless bridle
  • Can be used both with sidepull and crosspull
  • Crown-piece is extra wide and thickly padded


Barefoot’s “Syringa” is an excellent choice in bitless bridles. It can be used with both sidepull and crosspull, whichever you prefer.

The browband and crown-piece are padded softly. The crown-piece is extra wide and thickly padded, so it reduces punctual pressure behind the ears noticeably. Pressure is applied onto the bridge of the nose by two doubled ropes, which are tied together along the side.

To use it with crosspull, you need to lengthen the reins and attach them to the throat-latch. Thanks to the crossed reins, the aids are easily understood and having the horse give to the bit is much easier achieved. A short impulse on the left rein will apply a soft but distinct pressure onto the right side of the horse’s cheek – the horse moves away from that pressure towards the left. A short impulse on both reins or alternating on both will lead your horse to yield.

If you want to use the bridle with sidepull, simply attach the reins to the rings along the nose-band and take off the leather bands which run to the throat-latch and are attached with snap-hooks.

This bridle can be adjusted on both sides, as well as the chin strap, which is made from leather. Comes with matching reins in a leather-rope combination with snap-hooks.

• bitless alternative for all styles of riding
• soft and even distribution of pressure without force
• softly padded brow-band
• crown-piece extra-wide and thickly padded
• embroidery on brow-band and cheek-piece
• including reins

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